Founded by Pat Collins, D.Ph., a graduate of Samford University School of Pharmacy in Birmingham, Alabama, MedAdvocate specializes in helping businesses and individuals alleviate the emotional and financial pain associated with disease management.

Pat knows from personal experience how important wellness and disease education is to keeping each of us safe, healthy, and productive. Her mother passed away from kidney failure that may well have been the result of the use of prescribed NSAIDs with over-the-counter (OTC) ibuprofen.

Although Pat is a pharmacist and her brother is a physician, their mother believed that “the kids” didn’t need to know everything about her condition or what she was taking. The problem came when she also failed to mention the ibuprofen to her doctors. Perhaps Pat’s mom incorrectly assumed, like many of us, that because the ibuprofen was over the counter, it was safe. Or maybe she just forgot to tell them. In any case, if her care team had included a neutral party trained in the dangers of prescription and OTC combinations and in working with patients to obtain thorough and complete histories, including OTC medications, Pat’s mother and her physicians would have been alerted to this combination of medications and the associated dangers.

Had Pat’s mother been made aware of the dangers and her physicians been advised of the multiple medications, her care regimen would have been revised. Pat is confident that the addition of a trained advocate to her mother’s healthcare team could have made a key contribution to catching the medication issue and greatly enhancing her mother’s quality of life and longevity.

In memory of her mother, Pat was driven to create a company that could help others by providing what her mother failed to receive—valuable, accurate disease and medication management information that offers hope for a better, longer, and more productive life. The mission and values statements that she has established for MedAdvocate reflect her commitment to wellness and disease state management.